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Kent’s BSIP Award

In March 2023, the UK government awarded Kent County Council £18 million to improve the reliability, punctuality, and the affordability of bus services across the county. This move follows an initial funding package of £19 million, bringing the total package up to 35 million since 2022. Since its initial award in 2022, the BSIP funding package has helped to fund a range of programmes within Kent including investment into the Fastrack Thameside programme which has provided a faster and reliable bus services for residents in Gravesham and Dartford with further projects such as the Rennie Drive Junction improvement and the Bean Road Tunnel project.

The package awarded in 2023 will be used in several projects designed to further increase the reliability and value of Kent’s buses for their residents. These projects will also be conscious of the council’s commitment to net Zero and biodiversity. For example, Kent will be using its BSIP funding to procure a set of electric buses to operate on its Fastrack Networks. This will be accompanied by additional charging infrastructure so these buses can charge rapidly at their depots. Other projects will focus on improving the quality of facilities at stops and stations; these include the introduction of Fastrack Totem and 32-inch RTI screens to display arrival times. Other projects include the introduction of living roof bus shelters which will allow convert the tops of our Fastrack bus stops into small green spaces which are able to support key pollinator communities. Similar projects include the introduction of Roadside pollinator spaces which will replace the existing grass verges in Dartford and Gravesham.

These projects will benefit the communities in Kent for a long time as people will have better connection to the services, amenities, and employment / schooling opportunities which are available across the county. This funding has also enabled Kent to connect its communities in an environmentally responsible way. This funding will help to encourage a modal shift away from private car use to utilising more public transport.

If you need more information on these projects, then please feel free to browse the remainder of this website. More information on specific projects can also be found on the Kent County Council website.

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