Green Roof Shelters

As part of Kent’s commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness, the Fastrack network has introduced a range of green roof bus shelters along its routes. These shelters are innovative structures that combine the functionality of traditional bus shelters with environmentally friendly features designed to increase the level of biodiversity for the local area.

These shelters have several key benefits including attracting pollinators and other key wildlife to the area which will support the nearby ecosystems. The shelters also hold social value for the local community, integrating better aesthetics and promoting sustainable practices within Kent’s public spaces.

The Fastrack team has been actively procuring a contractor to expand upon the existing Green Roofs on the Thameside area. The aspiration of this project is to retrofit many of the Fastrack stops so that they include a green bus route. This project will also couple with the wider Plan Bee project, designed to increase Kent’s biodiversity.

For more information on the living roofs, please visit their website

For more information on the Kent’s wider plan Bee strategy, feel free to visit our webpage on this