The Bridge

The Bridge, a joint venture between ProLogis Developments Limited (the UK’s and Europe’s leading developer, investor and lessor of high quality distribution space) and Dartford Borough Council, is bringing forward a comprehensive, mixed-use development for a combination of employment uses:

The Bridge logo.
  • science park (with an Innovation Centre already open)
  • housing
  • local centre
  • primary school
  • leisure and recreational uses
  • open space
  • wildlife areas

The Bridge covers approximately 82 hectares of land and includes up to 1,500 new dwellings bringing about the redevelopment of the former Joyce Green Hospital and Littlebrook Lakes in a sustainable way.

A key feature of the project is a Fastrack public transport system that opened on 3 June 2007 linking The Bridge to Dartford Town Centre and the Bluewater Shopping Centre Complex.

Visit the bridge website for more information.