Fastrack Aims

For Fastrack to play its expected role in getting people around Kent Thameside it has to become the travel mode of choice for local journeys by providing:

  • A real alternative to the car for local journeys
  • High quality, modern and environmentally friendly vehicles
  • A frequent ‘turn up and go’ service with journey time reliability ensured through vehicles running on segregated track wherever possible and with effective priority over other traffic elsewhere
Fastrack bus at The Bridge bus stop.

  • A customer-focussed system with clear branding, ‘real time’ information and close attention to personal safety
  • Effective interchange with other transport modes, linking existing and new communities

Although a bus based BRT system, Fastrack is aiming to provide a travel experience very different to conventional perceptions of a bus.  Instead it aims to become a transport mode of choice. To achieve this Fastrack has:

  • A fleet of modern, high-specification vehicles
  • Dedicated busways to bypass congestion hotspots
  • Bus lanes to avoid other traffic
  • Priority at junctions for Fastrack vehicles over other traffic
  • High quality stops with improved waiting facilities
  • Services linking key destinations
  • Services running at greater frequency than most current buses and starting earlier in the day and finishing later
  • Much improved consistency of journey times and reliability