Rennie Drive Junction

The scheme will improve the Rennie Drive Fastrack junction to enable Fastrack vehicles to travel directly along the northern part of Rennie Drive, and vice versa, saving up to 2 minutes journey time per trip. This will be done by improving the junction arrangement and signals of Rennie Drive and by providing a new southbound bus lane to reduce congestion issues associated with the Dartford Crossing and M25/J1A.

Fastrack has become a core aspect to the economic life of many individuals as it has connected them with a wide range of commercial and employment sites. Improvements on the Rennie Drive will further streamline this process, enabling people living in and around Dartford to have a fast and reliable route to employment at the Littlebrook’s site.

The scheme will also look to adopt changes to the existing traffic signals to allow for a greater degree of pedestrianisation for residents in the area. This has been done to support the wider Kent strategy to encourage people away from the use of Private Car use and towards more active travel/ public transport options.

Funding has been secured through Kent’s successful BSIP award. A package of funding aimed at improving existing bus networks across the county. Main construction for this scheme commenced in March 2024 following the diversion of HV & LV cables by UKPN. The works are expected to be complete by September 2024 and fully utilised by Fastrack.For more information on the scheme, including information on how to get in touch, please use the below link to the Kent County Council version of the website.