Bath Street – Gravesend

The Bath Street scheme will implement a key Fastrack link between the Northfleet Embankment East development area and Gravesend Town Centre.  This will help to deliver a high quality, rapid, sustainable transport system which encourages the uptake of public transport. The purpose of the scheme is to improve journey times for Fastrack passengers and facilitate direct links between new developments including Clifton Slipways and Northfleet Embankment.

The improvement scheme will make use of an under-utilised hatch road space, widening the existing carriageway to incorporate a contraflow bus lane in addition to the current southbound taxi waiting area. The proposed bus lane will link with West Street to the north and the new Bus Hub on Garrick Street to the south via New Road. Both the existing Northbound traffic lanes, plus the existing southbound taxi lane will remain, with only minor changes to the kerb alignment.

The taxi lane and bus lane will merge on the approach to the junction of Bath Street and New Road to ensure the safe turning of buses onto New Road. A new call forward system will be implemented to inform taxis of when they are able to move onto the existing New Road taxi rank. This will include an electronic screen to see the taxi rank on New Road, and will show when taxis are able to move forward on the rank.

The scheme will also upgrade existing crossings to improve accessibility for both pedestrians and cyclists. This will include repositioning the existing pedestrian crossing at the New Road junction closer to the desire line for pedestrians walking towards the town centre.

The Bath Street scheme is a project fully funded by a grant from Ebbsfleet Development Corporation and will be delivered by Kent County Council. Construction on the scheme started in March 2023 with an expectation that it will be completed by summer 2024.

If you would like to learn more about the scheme, or other schemes operated by KCC, then please feel free to visit the KCC website