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At all stages of Fastrack development the primary requirements for the vehicles are reliability, passenger comfort and the correct size to suit passenger demand. The flexibility of Fastrack means that the vehicles ultimately operating on the network need not be of the same size or type that operated initially.

Fastrack vehicles use the new busways and existing roads so as to penetrate town centres.

The Fastrack vehicle of the future is what is known as the ‘intermediate mode’ vehicle – a vehicle that combines the benefits of running on rubber tyres with the many attractive and distinctive characteristics of the modern tram. Similar in length to articulated ‘bendi buses’, intermediate mode vehicles are being introduced in continental Europe and in the USA.  Recently these were introduced to some UK cities, notably Swansea and York.

However, these large articulated vehicles are too large for the number of passengers during the early stages of Fastrack development.  During this period of growth Fastrack vehicles will reflect the highest quality available from conventional bus technology.  We aim to introduce intermediate mode vehicles to coincide with strategically important routes across Kent Thameside becoming available.

The original fleet comprised of 26 Volvo Wrightbus B7RLE vehicles with Wright Eclipse bodies.